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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Afternoon Stuff

The day ended up being not so funky. Only strange thing that happened was that I finished a post this morning & forgot to Publish. It was still up on the screen when I got home from an appointment. Don't think that was Sarc. tho - just Rushing.

One of the fam was looking at the post from stateside & called me up to comment. They like what I did with the pics. Said I didn't bore them to tears trying to keep from mixing Project stuff with the blog. This is good to know. Of course, now you guys are going to be seeing a whole lot more posts like that one!

BUT - this post has a point & I better get to it before I start wandering all around BoreYaTa Deathland. Actually, there are two things I have to get done here:

One - after the app posting, I got a couple more emails about my not updating the World Wide Wow blog. Here's the thing - I just had too much going on. When my mind was sharper, I could work full-time, spend time with the fam & friends, have my "loner" time, and still juggle the EIGHT blogs I had going. Things have changed. I can't keep up right now. This blog and the Project are all I can really handle. Until I get better, I will do try to handle some of the email requests. I will start you all in the best direction ever by sending you over to the beauty & brains that is Kim Komando. Chick is bad-to-the-bone sharp (and cute, too, the heffa - like the Farrah Fawcett of Geeks) and she is the pro. Bookmark her. Find her radio show in your area. You will never ask me shit again. (Where the hell do you think I went for my tips?)

Two - I can't keep eating to kill the cigarette cravings, but I can bake to keep the hands busy. So... I am prepping a cobbler for dessert. Let me just let you know, I am from Texas & I can bake my feet off! My cobbler is known for being off the freaking chain. I will post pics when done. I can tell you what the reaction of the fam is gonna be: