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Monday, May 07, 2012

So Far, So Good

Today has not been bad. The whole eating thing is tough, don't get it twisted - BUT I am only having a hard time in choosing what to eat. So far, I have had 3 boiled eggs, tea and water. Somewhere, there are people whose only reality is to not what they are going to eat, but if they are going to eat. So, yeah, tough titty for me!

 The biggest headache for me has been getting people past the idea of using credit online. I mean, am I the only one who has been paying bills and shopping for online bargains? Am I the only one who is a lot more paranoid about giving some stranger my card in a restaurant to disappear into a back room for a minute? Really? Seriously?


Yeah, so I am having to collect money, get into my account and then go online... And, of course, things are tight for folks. In asking for donations, I have learned just how many people are struggling to make ends meet. This is going to be a lot more of a challenge that what I thought. I was thinking the eating on $1.50 or less was the real challenge. Guess again.

I have had a lovely donation that someone made to their friend in MY name. How cool is that? I had mentioned feeling bad that I couldn't support anyone else so a pal decided to do two of us a nice thing. People are awesome!

Over on the G, we are all learning a lot from each other - about stretching a buck, making what food we do get to eat a little more interesting, and just about this whole issue of hunger. This will make you think. I have done a ton of lip service on "doing right thing" where my lips were the only part of me feeling it. THIS is the real deal.

Again, thanks everyone for the encouragement and money and just taking the time to consider people so much less fortunate than ourselves. It matters.

❥ ❤ ❥
This is a worldwide challenge.
Here is some info from Australia


Shout out to donors:

cash (to be credited) 10.00 B.W.
cash (credited generic) 6.00 C.M.M.
cash (credited generic) 5.00 D.M. & D.M.
credit (generic) 20.00 G.J.C.
credit (credited) 20.00 Mrs. N.L.L.& Mr A. L.
credit (credited) Ms. D. R. & family
cash (to be credited) 25.00 Mr. J.A.C. & Mrs. P.A.C. & family

All my heart thanks you. I love you all so much!

The L.B.T.L. blog I posted is here