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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Thanks Everyone. Let's Keep It Rolling

Live Below the Line

I want to thank the folks who have been helping with this. A couple folks even decided to get involved by starting their own teams. Good, cool, cool (I wanted you to donate to ME! LOL) I have also received a bit of cash from those who don't have means to pay online. That really makes me feel good because they are the ones with the least to give (anyone thinking about the widow's mite?). I will NOT be keeping this money. I am transferring it asap to a card to give to the site.

For the rest of ya...

Tomorrow is the day. I have your "I'm gonna's" and I'm gonna hold you to 'em. I mean, I won't put anyone on blog blast or nothing, but, um, there will be funny looks every time I see you using a utensil. And the next time you are whining about not feeling "blessed?" Well, you can miss me with that, okay?

So. Tomorrow it starts. I want you to give or do or pray or help in some way. Not just for those who need it - but maybe for you. Compassion does a soul good you know.

BTW - the reason some of ya (insert side eye) decided to make a team for yourselves is (and I get it) there is a PRIZE situation... Um hmmm... I didn't read that bit of fine print until the last minute. But, hey - go for it. Get out there and help the cause.


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