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Friday, May 11, 2012

I Stumbled!

Okay - first, the really good news! I did get the cash donations done today. They are going through PayPal and will be posted as the transactions clear (everyone who donated cash has been given screen prints & confirmations). Thank you all so very much.

Um, and the, uh, well...

OKAY, damnit! I broke the $1.50 limit tonight. Dropped it broke it, stomped crap out of it.

~hiding face in shame~

I'm such a loser, but I was having a headache that would not go away. (Went away just fine after I had some broccoli, baked chicken and a yogurt smoothie for dessert...)

Yeah, well... Wipe that bacon fat off your mouth and shoot me. I donated some money myself. I will be back on the wagon tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just had the coolest find on the site of a G+ buddy. A singer I'd never heard of before no

Well. Damn. That gal can blow!

Just thought I'd share that in the hope it would take your mind off my epic fail with the challenge - LOL.

I will be better tomorrow & stick with things (I hope). It might be tough. I am missing my boo-baby D.J. and he and his parents have only been gone for an hour. Who's going to bring me my morning smile while he's gone?...

Hi lil boo-boo!