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Monday, May 07, 2012

A Nice Day to Graduate?

Don't know if it's gonna last, but I will be damned if I don't see sunshine. I was beginning to wonder how the weather was gonna go round here... Hopefully things will hold til we get a graduation day over with.

So, I am posting a "regular" post. Nothing to do with begging for #LiveBelowTheLine donations (well, not entirely!) Nah, this is going to be one of my usual silly posts having to do with... ME. lol

I have to catch you up on how this last few days has gone - what with my baby bro here and all. It's been great. We have gotten some good pics of all of us. Now, I did not say I was going to let you see these pics... I still have to do my makeup magic before that happens. (In a sea of normal-looking folks, I am the "red-black" one who always looks like a little dark dot! Just keeping it real.)

We are all looking forward to Grad Night. This will be the last one for an Alaska Conway for a while. There are a couple more coming the next couple of years for the Stateside crew tho. We have to make the best of them when we get the chance. We have made candy leis and other goodies for the lovely Ms. T.N. Conway... (lemme quit lying - I did not make a single thing except a dent in the candy pile).

Whenever someone gets ready to leave high school and go on to college or the other parts of the "real world," I feel like I want to turn a clock back. I always want another shot at all I didn't get to do. I worked and helped raise babies and married and worked some more and just... let life get away from me. I want my niece to grab life by the big balls and ride it til the freaking wheels POP off. I was talking to her the other day & I don't think I have to worry. She's itching to get going. (Of course, this makes me feel about 200 years old. In rebellion, I've been wearing ridiculously "young" clothes for the past couple days. I need to quit and act my age! I have become my sister's comedy routine. Heffa. LOL)

For all you families with graduations to celebrate (it is that time of year), my congratulations. What a milestone in today's dangerous society. That the kids made it out of 12 years of school is beautiful. Hope they go on and take life by storm.

Congratulations Grads!!!

Sorry this was kind of a lame post. Somehow, thinking about hungry people kind of kills the funny in me. Best I can do for a laugh is something cute I saw on the G earlier:


Now, let me go work on my giggle generator.