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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Like Rap? Ummm... Some

I got a mail about music I post here. The writer wanted to know if I like rap. Answer: Not a lot of it, but what I like I really like. I'm into positive messages - not gang-banging, excuse-making, cop-out b.s. that talks about women or sex like disposable things. To be honest, I don't know the difference between "Rap" and "Hip Hop." I don't even care. A lot of it just sounds like white noise to me with "bitch," "hoe," "nigga," and "busta cap" thrown in every few beats. So, yeah, I like some but not a lot of it. I have to think on it for a while. For now, I can name a few.

Tupac: Keep Your Head Up
Grandmaster Flash: The Message

Also, because I don't get half of what they are saying, "but I can dance to it," this one that I am so ashamed of for liking:

50 Cent/Mary J. Blige/Beyonce: "In Da Club"
I don't club anymore, so this is for exercise now.
Warning: this has foul & racial language.

And this one:
Los Mono: Se Puede
The Mono: It Can

A friend explained the lyrics to me as being totally about a positive personal vibe. He said the lyrics basically mean You can (can whatever). I'm down with that.

Lyrics in Spanish

se puede, se puede....
si quieres, si quieres....

tengo mas que mil infinitas posibilidades
yo, puedo hacer lo que quiera,
voy a tratar a ver si sale
a veces sale a la primera
pero primero trato
tratar es papa. para papa
yo si quiero puedo mas

porque no tengo nada que perder
lo que yo quiera yo lo voy a hacer
porque de quererlo nace el poder

yo con mi cabeza 
un par de cosas puedo hacer
pegarme cabezazos 
o empezar a comprender
que con ella una idea
puedo dar a conocer
mi manera de ver
la vida ________

Cuentate a ti mismo
un chiste que no sabes
haz una cancion
sin saber composicion
juega ajedrez 
sin entender ni como es
nada te lo impide
eres tu el que decide

se puede, se puede....
si quieres, si quieres....

se puede, se puede....
si quieres, si quieres....

a veces me canso me aburro
cuando no me sale me funo
me apago no duro mucho
se me cae el mundo y no lucho

dando bo bo botes hasta que caigo parado
trato como perro, me repito el plato
imposible verlo hecho si es que no lo hago
hago lo que quiero soy dueno de mi rato.

y uno y dos y tres y cuatro
la cabeza es un musculo
minusculo en algunos
si este es tu caso
ejercita dale duro
ponle de lo gueno
eres dueno de tu sueno.

se puede, se puede....
si quieres, si quieres....

se puede, se puede....
si quieres, si quieres....

                                            And - thanks to Google Translate, in English:

can, can ....
if you want, if you want ....

I have a thousand endless possibilities
I, I can do whatever you want,
I'll try to see if it
sometimes goes to the first
but first try
deal with is dad. for potato
I do want I can more

because I have nothing to lose
what I want I'll do
because of wanting to be born

I with my head
a couple of things I can do
hit me headers
or begin to understand
an idea that she
I can raise awareness
I see it
________ life

Cuentate yourself
a joke that you do not know
make a song
without knowing composition
play chess
understanding neither as
nothing stopping you
are you the one who decides

can, can ....
if you want, if you want ....

can, can ....
if you want, if you want ....

sometimes I get tired I get bored
when I do not leave me Funo
I turn I did not last long
I drop the world and not fight

giving bo bo stopped boats until fall
treatment as a dog, I repeat the plate
impossible to see it done if I do
I do what I am owner of my time.

and one two and three and four
mind is a muscle
miniscule in some
If this is your case
exercises give hard
ponle of gueno
You own your dream.

can, can ....
if you want, if you want ....

can, can ....
if you want, if you want ....