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Friday, May 18, 2012

Wow. Thank You All So Very Much.

I just got emails informing me of more donations to the Live Below the Line challenge. (I hate to say this, but I almost forgot about it! Good thing other people did not.)

Here is the Thank You list (so far):

B.W. (IN) 10.00
Mrs. M.G. & family 30.00
G.J.C. (AK) 20.00
Mr. A.L. &Mrs. N.L.L. (AZ) 20.00
C.M.M. (AK) 6.00
D.M. & D.M. (AK) 5.00
Mrs. D.R. & family (AK) 20.00 (I think I did this incorrect as 10.00 before. SO sorry, love!)
Mr. & Mrs. J.A.C. & family (AZ) 25.00
A G+ pal with a huge heart (web) 5.00
Mr. D. R. (CA) 10.00
Ms. B.H. (AK) for sharing a day eating below the line with me. What a sweetheart. I love you BFF.
Ms. D.R.J. (TX) for sharing the message & a prayer with young people in your study class. (Each one teach one!)

And that money... My good mercy! That's a whopping $151.00 you guys pulled together. What a blessing. In times like these, that's so wonderful.

BTW, It was my fault for telling family & locals about the site without the Team page I had. I hope that getting a copy of the LBL emails of thanks lets you know the impact you made. Like I said - UNICEF, Project Medishare or whoever - the important thing is that the funds went to the needy, so I don't mind.

I love you all for giving and for thinking of others. Remember the old song about "What The World Needs Now"? Well, love is great, but action is beautiful.

You guys are beautiful. Keep teaching others about helping, loving and being aware of the needy.

One of my mother's favorite verses of the Bible was: "For I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger; and you took me in." (Matt 25:35)

Those are just words until it's you that is hungry, thirsty or a stranger, then they mean so much more.