Sunday, May 06, 2012

(Update #1) Live Below the Line

I have my first 4 online donations & the week hasn't even started.

I am working with the site to correct an error in crediting a donation. They said it's glitched, but they are all over it. At this point, I have $51.00. (Wow, guys -thanks, thanks & thanks again!)

Let me tell you something: the folks who have given, did so from deep in their hearts. Money is extremely tight - no one knows this better than I do - yet, these people gave. I want to thank them with every ounce of sincerity I have.

It wasn't easy (or fun to think about), but I have come up with menu plans for the week coming:

1 - Ramen noodles(4/$1.00), hot tea or coffee & water.
2 - Single mac 'n cheese (2/$1.00), black tea w/sugar & water.
3 - Toast w/butter, Celestial Seasoning's honey/chamomile tea & water.
4 - Can of tuna w/chopped pickles, Tbl mayo, tea & water.
5 - Ramen noodles, apple, black tea & water.

All the plans are an average of $1.50 to $2.00

I have to tell you that, if I feel unwell or anything, I am going to add a piece of toast, juice or a couple of crackers to the menus. I don't anticipate being unwell. I have done prayer fasts before the Sarc & meds. I think it's going to be cool.

In prep for this coming week, I had a bit of food anxiety & ate like a freed hostage. All in all, I think the cutback on food will not only keep me in prayer for those living in poverty, but will be good for my health also.

Please keep the less fortunate in your hearts, minds and prayers this coming week & all the days of your life. This is just a week, the problem is forever.


P.S.: And, don't worry, a little hunger isn't going to kill my smart motor mouth ways. I will be doing "regular" type posts along with the updates :-)

****Update: 3 of my friends mistakenly did a generic "Donate" instead of a "Donate to me." Their money did get credited, but the site is trying to get it changed back over to my account. Doesn't matter to me, the money is going to the cause. I just want to make sure that I get to thank the folks who give on my behalf.**** Here is a partial of the email from them:

Hello Ms Conway,

I'm afraid that donations once made are processed and transferred to the recipient charity immediately.  This means that, although the end recipient (the charity) is the same, unfortunately, we cannot reassign the money flow to go through a participant rather than a general donation.

Best regards,

Guy Kirkpatrick

It's all good. So far $71.00 Let's keep the train rolling!

Thanks Everyone. Let's Keep It Rolling

Live Below the Line

I want to thank the folks who have been helping with this. A couple folks even decided to get involved by starting their own teams. Good, cool, cool (I wanted you to donate to ME! LOL) I have also received a bit of cash from those who don't have means to pay online. That really makes me feel good because they are the ones with the least to give (anyone thinking about the widow's mite?). I will NOT be keeping this money. I am transferring it asap to a card to give to the site.

For the rest of ya...

Tomorrow is the day. I have your "I'm gonna's" and I'm gonna hold you to 'em. I mean, I won't put anyone on blog blast or nothing, but, um, there will be funny looks every time I see you using a utensil. And the next time you are whining about not feeling "blessed?" Well, you can miss me with that, okay?

So. Tomorrow it starts. I want you to give or do or pray or help in some way. Not just for those who need it - but maybe for you. Compassion does a soul good you know.

BTW - the reason some of ya (insert side eye) decided to make a team for yourselves is (and I get it) there is a PRIZE situation... Um hmmm... I didn't read that bit of fine print until the last minute. But, hey - go for it. Get out there and help the cause.


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